"Somewhere in the vaults of the bank of Cox and Co., at Charing Cross, there is a travel-worn and battered tin dispatch-box with my name, John H. Watson, M.D., painted upon the lid. It is crammed with papers, nearly all of which are records of cases to illustrate the curious problems which Mr. Sherlock Holmes has at various times to examine."

Sunday, March 12, 2017

The Ghost of Sherlock Holmes (1984)

This irresistibly titled collection of supernatural short stories contains one (the title story) about two bibliophiles who encounter a familiar apparition while on an excursion in Sussex. The author, Leslie Halliwell, is most renown for his Halliwell's Film Guide.

Did the dead industrialist really come back to look for his wife? Can you make love to a ghost? 
Californian poltergeists, Icelandic apparitions and tales of Monagasque menace: Leslie Halliwell may be influenced by master such as E.F. Benson, Saki and above all M.R. James but with this original and chilling volume, he has established his claim as a master of the field of ghost stories in his own right. 
In The Ghost of Sherlock Holmes you will encounter spirits wistful, benevolent – and evil . . .

Title: The Ghost of Sherlock Holmes
Author: Leslie Halliwell
Year: 1984
Publisher: Granada
Purchase: Amazon.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

The Italian Secretary (2005)

A Sherlock Holmes novel by acclaimed author Caleb Carr sanctioned by the Conan Doyle estate.

In honourable homage to Conan Doyle, Caleb Carr escorts Holmes and Watson through what transpires to be one of their most sensational adventures – one of their 'largely secret sub-collection' of cases, swathed in discretion and bound by decorum. Rightly so, given the delicate nature of the investigation: murder in a royal palace, an affront to the majesty of Queen Victoria, and a tantalising take on another, ancient murder. One witnessed by the willful Mary Queen of Scots...
In this landmark event of crime fiction, Caleb Carr echoes – exquisitely – the master of whodunnit. And in capturing the conversational rhythms of detection's most famous exponents, he recreates, by way of stunningly original story, the glory of Holmes and Watson, ensuring their continued resonance throughout the annals of crime.

Title: The Italian Secretary
Author: Caleb Carr
Year: 2005
Publisher: Carroll & Graf
Purchase: Amazon.

Friday, March 3, 2017

A Study in Terror (1967)

Continuing our look at the novelization of the 1966 Sherlock Holmes film A Study in Terror, here is a 1967 Lancer paperback that curiously makes no mention of the movie nor even Sherlock Holmes on the cover! This one is packaged solely as an Ellery Queen adventure. Very different from Lancer's 1966 edition.

Ellery Queen and Sherlock Holmes-Undisputed masters of analytical deduction - their talents and methods strikingly, almost uncannily, alike. Through the strange interlocking of events past and present, two celebrated detectives meet to focus their razor-sharp intellects, their brilliant powers of observation on the mystery of... Jack the Ripper. History's most depraved murderer, his victims were the whores of Whitechapel. Lurking in narrow, fog-shrouded alleys, he crept forth night after night to murder and mutilate. Eluding Scotland Yard's most heroic efforts to track him down, the Ripper continued to satisfy his unnatural appetites, unrestrained and unidentified.

Title: A Study on Terror
Author: Ellery Queen
Year: 1967
Publisher: Lancer
Purchase: Amazon.

Monday, February 27, 2017

A Study In Terror (1966)

One of the more novel novelizations is this adaptation the 1966 film A Study in Terror written by none other than Ellery Queen. The film starred John Neville as Holmes and Donald Houston as Dr. Watson.

The savage killer roamed the dark streets and alleys of London. No woman was safe from his swift, gory attacks as murder followed murder. No man could stop the menace or even guess the identity of the brute called . . . 
No man . . .  except Sherlock Holmes. 
Now it can be told––in this gripping modern thriller. Sherlock Holmes did stalk Jack the Ripper in 1888, and through a quirk of fate that is a mystery in itself, Ellery Queen follows in his footsteps in 1966. The two greatest detectives of all time match wits with each other––and together arrive at a solution that will stun you. 
WHO WAS JACK THE RIPPER? read the answer in this brand new, full authentic Sherlock Holmes adventure, by today's greatest living mystery writer, 
UK quad movie poster.

Title: A Study in Terror
Author: Ellery Queen
Year: 1966
Publisher: Lancer
Purchase: Amazon.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

The Murder of Mary Russell (2016)

The most recent Mary Russell/Sherlock Holmes adventure from Laurie B. King.

Mary Russell is used to dark secrets—her own, and those of her famous partner and husband, Sherlock Holmes. Trust is a thing slowly given, but over the course of a decade together, the two have forged an indissoluble bond. 
And what of the other person to whom Mary Russell has opened her heart: the couple’s longtime housekeeper, Mrs. Hudson? Russell’s faith and affection are suddenly shattered when a man arrives on the doorstep claiming to be Mrs. Hudson’s son. 
What Samuel Hudson tells Russell cannot possibly be true, yet she believes him—as surely as she believes the threat of the gun in his hand. In a devastating instant, everything changes. And when the scene is discovered—a pool of blood on the floor, the smell of gunpowder in the air—the most shocking revelation of all is that the grim clues point directly to Clara Hudson. 
Or rather to Clarissa, the woman she was before Baker Street. 
The key to Russell’s sacrifice lies in Mrs. Hudson’s past. To uncover the truth, a frantic Sherlock Holmes must put aside his anguish and push deep into his housekeeper’s secrets—to a time before her disguise was assumed, before her crimes were buried away.
There is death here, and murder, and trust betrayed. 
And nothing will ever be the same.

Title: The Murder of Mary Russell
Author: Laurie B. King
Year: 2016
Publisher: Bantam
Purchase: Amazon.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Exploits of Solar Pons (1993)

Four unpublished Solar Pons stories by Basil Copper in a special edition illustrated by Stefanie Kate Hawks.

Four new adventures of "the Sherlock Holmes of Praed Street" 
Solar Pons was created nearly seventy years ago by August Derleth who patterened his sleuth closely after Doyle's greta detective. Sixty-eight tales, including one novel, were written by Derleth over a period of some forty years.
But Mr. Pons' already impressive career did not ene with the death of his creator. The series passed to the capable hands of the British author Basil Copper. While several collections of Mr. Copper's Pons stories have already appeared in paperback editions, this is the first publication of the stories contained herein.
The Adventure of the Verger's Thumb
The Adventure of the Phantom Face
Death at the Metropole
The Adventure of the Callous Colonel

Title: The Exploits of Solar Pons
Author: Basil Copper
Year: 1993
Publisher:Fedogan & Bremer
Purchase: Amazon.